Words cannot describe the service, professionalism, and quality of the work of this husband/wife dynamic team!!! Sophia and Derrick's passion for photography and capturing all the perfect shots is phenomenal. My husband and I had so much fun on our engagement shoot with them and even more on our wedding day. I am honestly trying to think of more reasons to get back in front of their cameras!!! Sophia and Derrick have gone above and beyond just taking pictures. They have earned a great name and reputation for themselves from what seems like "out of nowhere!" I wish them all the success, as they are genuinely in tuned with each couple. You will not be disappointed and will acquire the company of two very awesome professionals. Thank you so much SBS for your hard work and capturing those moments that put a huge smile on our faces!!

Sophie and Derrick were the greatest photographers we could have ever asked for. We originally were going to book someone else, but they never got back to us; this ended up being a blessing in disguise. 

At our first meeting with Sophie, we discussed what we were looking for in a photographer. We didn't have many questions for her since she had covered everything. At the end, we asked how long they had been doing this. We were shocked to realize that they hadn't even been doing this a year because their pictures and professionalism said otherwise. We were a little hesitant to book them because of this, but ultimately decided that we didn't want anyone else to do it. 

For our engagement pictures, they came up with the idea of the locations. Sophie even did my hair and makeup! We enjoyed doing the engagement pictures, and we do believe it did make it easier to be more comfortable with them the day of our wedding because we kind of knew what to expect. 

They also created our wedding invitations that included one of our engagement pictures on one side and the invite information on the other. These were really nice, and our guests liked them. 

For the wedding, we had them for a total of 11 hours, and every hour was worth it. When we look at our wedding pictures it is like we are reliving the moment every time. We, along with our family and friends, absolutely LOVE our wedding pictures. 

We were blessed to have found Sophie and Derrick and look forward to working with them in the future if we need any more pictures. We definitely recommend them!