Montego Bay Destination Wedding | Victor and Wendy

   Do what it takes to get the shot! This is a mantra that many photographers live by and one we certainly took to heart during Victor and Wendy’s destination wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The day before their wedding we took a couple of hours to scout the lovely Half Moon Palace resort and ran across an unbelievable location. A tiny cottage, on a pier, that overlooks the ocean. The resort uses this cottage for private massage treatments but the moment we saw it we knew that we had to use it for Victor and Wendy’s portraits on the wedding day. We immediately track down the event coordinator and she tells us that there should be no problem using the location… Happy Day!!! Fast forward to the next day…. the ceremony is done, family formals are done, so we make our way to the cottage and it’s locked and nobody is around!!! Oh yeah…… I forgot to mention that this resort is HUGE… it’s over 2 miles long!! It’s so big in fact that they provide the guest with golf carts to get back and forth. So we are looking around for someone to unlock the cottage.. not a person in sight. We then radio the event coordinator and she can’t find anyone to unlock the cottage either. After about 10 minutes of waiting we decided to take matters into our own hands and try to pick the lock… do what it takes to get the shot.. right? LOL!!!! Needless to say we fail miserably at picking the lock, and we even try to slide items in between the slats in the door to unlock it but that doesn’t work either. Just as we are about to give up and head to an alternate location the event coordinator, like a knight in shining amour, shows up with a facilities worker who has a key!! Please take moment to check out Victor and Wendy’s lovely portraits as well as a few other shots from their beautiful day!!!