Clarkston Surprise Wedding Vow Renewal | Marina + Rene

Being deeply in love at a mature age is something beautiful! I promise this wedding will put a smile on your face and cause you to hope for a bond this mannificent after many years in you own marriage. One day a couple of months back Marina, by random chance, stopped by our studio and told me about her awesome plan! She wanted to surprise her husband with a surprise vow renewal ceremony and reception! How she was able to keep everything under wraps is beyond me, but she was able to do it! When the day came Rene thought that he was dressed for a celebratory reception for their sons who had both graduated that weekend! He showed up at a church with his son after the graduation which confused him. He began to realize that something was up as he walked down the church aisle to take his seat and everyone turned around to look at him with huge smiles on their faces. He noticed that family and friends from all over were sitting in the pews! He truly understood what was going on when the main doors swung open and his wife stood at the entrance in her delicate lace white dress. The look on everyones face including his was priceless! I'm smiling now as I write this! This event helped to reiterate that you should never stop celebrating your love! Make it new every day!

Cheers Marina and Rene!