Glamour Session | Little Black Book!!

I'm getting ready to leave my parents up here in Massachusetts but before I do I thought I would write about one of my favorite things!
I think that shopping for men is extremely difficult. Whenever Derrick's (my husband)  birthday comes around I rack my brain with what to buy. The same goes for my dad. I really don't want to by the usual tie and socks, watch or electronic that he probably wont use! How much more stressful is this dilemma when you decide to exchange gifts on your wedding!? There is one gift that I've found makes your husband (NOT YOUR DAD!!!)  smile with glee while you have some serious fun with it! As we get older we spend less and less time pampering ourselves and your boo notices it too. We have you come into the studio for a makeover with our team and give you a glamour session. We then take these photos and create "His Eyes Only" little black book. Get the "His Eyes Only"bit?? Good! ;) And yes we do the wrapping for you :))