Madame You Mixer

No matter the texture, color, or length hair is an important part of who we are. When we have a "good hair day" our stride is a bit sexier and we feel more confident. For many women the definition of a "good hair day" has changed. Two years ago I decided to start wearing my hair the way it naturally came out of my head. My trips to the hair salon dwindled and I joined the march against the creamy crack lol! At first I was really discouraged. My hair has been relaxed since I was 15 years old and before then my hair had always been pressed. I was so used to my hair being straighten with relaxers that I felt like I entered into a new world. When walking into a beauty supply store I felt lost and I spent SOOOOOOO much money on different hair products trying to achieve looks I saw on YouTube! You may not understand this unless you've been through it but you litteraly have to retrain your brain to accept this new kind of beauty. This imperfect kind of beauty which is in and of itself perfect. I no longer looked to lay each strand in its place! I rock my fro and feel glamorous believe it or not! I don't feel funky or label myself as artsy!

Although I am proud of reaching this realization I wish there was a more cohesive web of support  throughout my journey. Madame You  is that type of community and more! Imagine sending a strand of your hair in to a company that analyzes your hair and recommends hair products and styling that suit your needs! You will be able to buy smarter instead of buying a hair product simply because it made someone else's hair look good on YouTube. I am very excited about this new form of social media! Candace, Chanel, Shayla, and Jess thank you so much for creating this platform for women of color! You are making the journey much easier to travel!

Now.... time to step off of my soap box :) A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Madame You's fundraising mixer at iwi fresh in Castleberry Hill. As you would expect it was a lovley event. Here a few pics from the night! Please continue to follow and support these young ladies.... they are doing some amazing work!