Glamour Session | Marisa Moore

When was the last time you had photos taken of yourself? When was the last time that you said, "I'm going to dress up for myself, buy new clothes, get my hair and makeup done and get some beautiful photos taken for me to put up on my wall"? We as a society have learned to not love ourselves. Now, I'm not saying get big headed or anything! However I believe God wants us to see in ourselves what he sees when he looks at us with all the love the universe can provide! 
 At first Marisa Moore, a well known registered and licensed dietitian here in Atlanta, asked for head shots but she soon became open to the possibility of treating herself to more than that. She was styled by Savvy Thriftique and Messiah of M Styles did her Makeup. These are just some of the professionals that I personally partner you with for your session in my studio! We had a blast and the photos came out great!