SBS Glamour | Paulette's Before and After

I got a phone call from my friend Dr. Clarence Kegler from Artistic Smiles here in Ga the other day about an awesome opportuniy! He invited people to write them about their experiences and why they deserved a whole makeover including a new SMILE! Paulette Jeffreys, a war vet, was the blessed winner. This woman has gone through so much in her life and most certainly deserved it! How incredible was it that we were considered and chosen to be part of this experience!

I don't think that when you have your photos taken thats all there is too it. There's an experience that comes along with it whether good, bad, or just... meh.. lol 
When a girl leaves my studio after a glamour session she leaves feeling like wonder woman. She's strengthened and feels glamorous. She might even leave feeling more adventurous about her style choices and can't wait to take her bathroom mirror shot with her iPhone slightly up and to the right. She's now excited not just about her photos but she's accomplished something that so many women don't even venture out to do. Other woman don't feel beautiful enough or even make the time. PLEASE MAKE THE TIME AND I WILL MAKE SURE YOU FEEL ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS WHEN YOU LEAVE! You will most certainly walk with a broader switch in your hips ;)