Laurens Maternity Session

When I got to a certain age I had a fear especially while I was in college. I was afraid of losing my sexy once I got married or had kids. Kids are still in the future but I hope to even then retain my sexy! I don't want to be the cliche soccer mom who wears oversized tee's and sweatpants to every event!
When my friend Lauren called me for her maternity session I didn't want to do the maternity sessions that I see everywhere else with mommy dresses and wrapped fabrics. She was all for the sexier look! Also on a side note I feel Kim K! So many gave their negative 2 cents about her choice of maternity wear. All she wanted was to reflect what she thinks is beautiful even while she is prego. Those are my thoughts anyway... lol
Justina from Flash Makeup styled her hair and makeup and we were ready to go!
Now, I can't display all her photos but lets just say that the ones I didn't post would make you blush!! Soooo nice!