Engagement Session | Shirnelle + Morris

The Color Wheel Couple!!! LOL This is an inside joke but I am about to make it an "outside" one... I hope they forgive me! LOL!
We have an option within our wedding packages for you to have a stylist pull clothing for your engagement and or glamour/bridal sessions. You also can opt to style yourselves which is what this couple did! And what a ride! I found the easiest way to help a couple understand the colors they should consider when shopping in the closet or mall is with a color wheel. However not just a basic color wheel but one that shows all the variable colors like powder blue or rust for example. Sometimes couples will show up both wearing neutrals, which is fine but I find that you tend to blend in with your surroundings more instead of popping out of the photo as a subject in the photo.

Ok thats step one! Now step two is to wear colors that contrast a bit. This way the eyes of the viewer don't rest on one subject but go back and forth between the 2 subjects. We went back and forth for a bit over email with photos and such till we got it together! I think they look lovely! What do you think?