Maeling + Anthony

I was so happy and honored when my friend Maeling also known as Natural Chica (check out her site!) asked us to photograph her wedding and engagement session! So side note.... since starting my natural hair journey this chic right here!!!!!....... has seriously helped me through some tough times!
Ok so back to the photos LOL! I had never spent time with Mae and Anthony as a couple before so I was looking forward to the engagement session. I guess I'm a sucker for romance because I was so happy to see the love shared between the couple! Trust me I'm not talking about rainbows and roses! I'm sure someone out there can attest to really being able to feel the real and raw chemistry between two people.
There have been times where I've photographed a couple that looked like they were emotionally detached or just going through the motions. It's hard to click the shutter button after you've worked so hard to make the two look like they are in love.... Because of this I am appreciative of couples like Mae and Anthony! Even while I'm behind the lens I just can't help but smile.