Dana + Antoine

Dana is a witty, matter of fact kind of girl who will get you to laugh your head off while keeping her face straight. What I adore about her is that she is always ready to listen and encourage you to move any mountain. Antoine is an extremely thoughtful person who puts others needs (especially Dana’s) before his own. On October 15th 2001 these best friends got married. Something special is felt when two people who truly were put together by God get married. A feeling people don’t often feel these days. LOVE. This man loves this woman! And she loves him! Particularly amazing was that everyone, friend or family, exuded an extreme joy for this couple. Despite any trial or obstacle either of them faced in life these two found and loved each other. With the tremendous support of their families and loved ones, October 15th 2011 became a beautiful reality.
Dana and Antoine,

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the memory of what marks a special day in history. It truly was an honor to document your wedding day. Derrick and I appreciate the friendship we share with the both of you and look forward to what the future holds…… (little pitter patter..?) lol